Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mara and I had a delicious brunch at Extra Virgin! I forgot to take pictures of the yummy seafood we had, but as you can see we finished it all!

Then she gave me a tour of the new High Line park and Chelsea. There is a really nice Stephen Vitello sound and light piece installed on one end of the park.

Stephen Vitello piece

Swiss Institute (SoHo)

Erin and I went to an opening at the Swiss Institute in SoHo.

Under Destruction, Chapter 1

The discreet Perpetuum Mobile breaks down destruction to some of its finest, molecular components in a kinetic installation in which water is transformed into a mist via sonic vibrations, which then gradually hardens a nearby sack of cement.

Visit with my cousin Erin! She works at an awesome non-profit art space in Long Island City called SculptureCenter. They have really cool underground tunnels in their space!