Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mara and I had a delicious brunch at Extra Virgin! I forgot to take pictures of the yummy seafood we had, but as you can see we finished it all!

Then she gave me a tour of the new High Line park and Chelsea. There is a really nice Stephen Vitello sound and light piece installed on one end of the park.

Stephen Vitello piece

Swiss Institute (SoHo)

Erin and I went to an opening at the Swiss Institute in SoHo.

Under Destruction, Chapter 1

The discreet Perpetuum Mobile breaks down destruction to some of its finest, molecular components in a kinetic installation in which water is transformed into a mist via sonic vibrations, which then gradually hardens a nearby sack of cement.

Visit with my cousin Erin! She works at an awesome non-profit art space in Long Island City called SculptureCenter. They have really cool underground tunnels in their space!

My Welcome Commitee!

My friends Mara and Tal were sweet enough to let me stay with them. This is their precious cat Buddah! He was the first one to welcome me to New York! So sweet and cuddly!


I made it to New York! I fell asleep before the plane took off and woke up when it landed. I closed my eyes and woke up in NYC!